Main Secret

Minty’s means no compromise.

Our sole purpose at Minty’s is to bring our customers an exceptionally distinctive natural wrap as a superior alternative to tobacco-based wraps. After a worldwide search, we were able to produce the Minty’s proprietary formula using organically grown mint. The compacted mint has created a unique dark green wrap that is durable, and thin.

All Minty’s products have 100% pure organic mint leaf.

  • NO Nicotine
  • NO Additives

Founder & CEO

Proof that smart choices can be fun.

The Minty’s Wraps

«We decided to focus on organic mint wraps for you.»

  • The Better Alternative
    The Better Alternative
    Trade-in harsh tobacco wraps for an organic mint leaf alternative that’s flexible, durable, and satisfying.
  • Durably Flexible Wrap
    Durably Flexible Wrap
    Minty’s proprietary organic mint formula creates a unique dark green wrap that is durable, and thin
  • Organic Mint Leaves
    Organic Mint Leaves
    We use only the finest mint plants to produce the ultra-clean tasting mint wraps you can only find from Minty’s.
  • Satisfying Slow Mint
    Satisfying Slow Mint
    Enjoy the ultimate mint wraps experience that incinerates at the perfect rate. Not too fast. Not too slow. Just right.

No better SESH than a Minty one

Minty’s Wraps is the worlds FIRST and ONLY mint leaf wrap


What Our Clients Say

by MARION BAILEY, Portland, OR

Smells amazing. Better than I expected. Rolling the wraps are as easy as pie. Hasn’t failed me yet!

by JOE JACOBSEN, Redding, CA

This wrap is genius. It’s easy to roll. The organic mint leaf is amazing – it’s just better!

by PAMELA MOORE, Seattle, WA

The Minty’s Wrap is a game-changer!

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